trainingMid South Jets is absolutely dedicated to serving our customers' needs in the most efficient and professional manner possible while maintaining an unwaivering dedication to safety. Our pilots and management team have thousands of hours and decades of experience working as line pilots, instructors, check airmen, and managers in international, corporate, charter, and airline operations. We value diversity in our team, and utilize this wealth of knowledge and experience to implement the best safety practices learned from across the aviation industry.

It’s essential that we provide you with only the best flight crew members, and keep safety at the heart of every decision we make. Our goal is to establish and maintain a long term relationship with you, and we recognize that this can only be accomplished if we consistently exceed your expectations. During our screening process we ensure that all potential flight crew employees possess these key characteristics of a safe, professional and dedicated flight crew member. Prior to employment, all crew members at Mid South Jets have undergone an extensive interview process and background check to not only meet FAA and TSA requirements, but to also ensure that they have a comprehensive level of aeronautical knowledge that exceeds our rigorous standards. Before being released into regular operations, new crew members undergo extensive training within the Mid South Jets company, as well as thorough aircraft training at an approved facility, using the latest technologies and Level D simulators.

In addition to attending regular recurrent training at approved training centers, each pilot must satisfy a regimen of quarterly recurrent company training, ensuring that their high level of knowledge and proficiency is not only attained initially, but maintained throughout the year. Additionally, our pilots receive constant feedback on their performance by both management and their peers, not only with regard to their airmanship, but also effective CRM and human factors skills, attitude, customer service, and planning considerations, just to name a few. Two Mid South Jets FAA Check Airmen conduct interim checkrides to crews between visits to simulator training, as well as oversee standardization and safety protocols. These Check Airmen operate under the leadership of the Mid South Jets Director of Training and Safety.

On a daily basis, our crews utilize some of the most advanced technologies available to plan, brief, and familiarize themselves with every aspect of your flight. In our continuing effort to lead the industry by utilizing the best tools possible, Mid South Jets has made significant investments in providing electronic flight bags (EFBs) to all crew members. These devices allow our crews to receive real-time weather updates and RADAR information (to include the use of the newest ADS-B technologies), send and receive information from maintenance personnel in flight, ensure that all aeronautical charts and standardized instrument procedures are complete and up-to-date, compute highly accurate weight and balance calculations, and provide a virtual library of documents and manuals to the crews which would otherwise be impossible to carry on board the aircraft.

Our Maintenance Team

All local aircraft servicing and maintenance is conducted by a team of experienced mechanics, who are specifically trained on each type of aircraft. Maintenance personnel are involved in the launch and recovery of every flight to ensure dispatch reliability and quick resolution of any discrepancies found on an aircraft. Mid South Jets' maintenance procedures closely align with airline procedures to ensure maximum reliability and safety in all operations and minimum down time when aircraft problems are detected.

All maintenance is supervised and scheduled through the Director of Maintenance's office, as well as parts support, warranty issues, maintenance event scheduling, and price negotiation.