“Professionals delivering aviation services to the world through Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability, with Integrity”

Safety: Held in the highest regard, we put our total dedication to safety at the heart of every decision we make; from crew and aircraft scheduling, to our maintenance practices, pilot training, company standards, and investment in industry-leading technology, we take an unwaivering, uncompromising approach to aviation safety. The simple fact is that we operate highly complex machines at 80% the speed of sound at nearly nine miles above the surface of the earth, and are responsible for the lives of everyone on board as well as those below us on the ground. That's not something to take lightly. We recognize that complacency is often the first step in a chain of errors that may lead to an undesirable situation, and we combat that risk by taking ownership in a culture of safety within our company and adopting the best safety practices from across the industry.

hangerEfficiency: Just like any other aspect of business, large or small, there is an obvious need to maximize your productivity while minimizing cost, including the cost of your time, and this speaks directly to the core reason for utilizing a business aircraft. To someone who doesn't understand the effectiveness of aviation as a business tool, it's easy to see it as a luxury. However, we understand that utilization of our services as a business tool impacts your productivity, and therefore directly affects your bottom line. However you choose to measure your own increase in productivity through the use of business aviation, we recognize that our business practices with regard to efficiency play a critical role in providing maximum return to your business, and therefore we have a responsibility to balance our commitment to safety and reliability with the most efficient practices we can reasonably adopt to increase your business' ROI.

Reliability: To most of our customers, business aircraft are an invaluable tool that must be available when needed. The airlines have adopted a practice of getting you where you need to be, but not necessarily when you need to be there. By the nature of their business, airlines cannot adapt to your changing needs. Simply stated, the airlines' goal is to provide you with air transportation, while you are left to navigate a system that drastically reduces the effective use of your time. Our goal at Mid South Jets is to not only get you there, but serve as a tool at your disposal to optimize your productivity and efficiency. In order to serve in this role, it is critically important that we adopt the best practices possible to maximize our reliability, as the availability of our aircraft directly impact your business' ability to compete in a fast-moving and ever-changing business world.

3145inAspenIntegrity: What does it mean to have integrity? American writer, Robert Brault wrote, "You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest." One could define integrity as having a strong adherence to moral or ethical principals, or conducting ones self in an honest manner; the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished. At Mid South Jets, conducting our business with integrity encompasses all of this, and means that while we are constantly evaluating ourselves in search of better ways to serve our customers' needs, we never have to spend time or energy questioning whether we have made the right ethical decision. When we simply do the right thing, business becomes much more straightforward. Our business practices, and our actions, are open for everyone to see (often also representing your business), and we don't have to worry about hiding anything. Because we conduct ourselves with a high level of integrity, we gain the trust of our customers, our industry colleagues, and our own team. We believe that through our commitment to our core values as a company and constantly working to make those core values apparent to our customers through our actions, holding ourselves accountable to both our own business interests as well as yours, and providing financial transparency, we best serve our customers and become role models in the industry for others to follow. All of this, in turn, directly impacts our success.