entryWe pride ourselves on our unwaivering dedication to superior customer service and our attention to detail. Much of the work that goes into each flight is never visible to our passengers. Below you will find details about each phase of your flight, the planning that goes into it, and what you can expect from our staff and crews.

Arranging your Flight: Your flight begins with a simple phone call to one of our flight coordinators who will consult with you on the most appropriate airport, take your requests for special catering, and make any other arrangements you may need such as rental cars. No request is too large or too small. A transparent estimate of your cost is prepared and emailed for your approval. Once approved, the dates/times, aircraft and crew are formally reserved for your use. Aircraft are available on a first come, first serve basis. Your trip will never be moved or canceled because another trip was requested after yours was already on the schedule.

Before Departure: When you arrive at our offices you will be met by your flight crew who will valet your luggage from the parking lot. Customers with boxes, additional luggage, golf clubs, etc., can be provided vehicle access to the ramp, allowing you to pull your vehicle directly up to the aircraft for loading. A comfortable passenger lounge is available for departing and arriving passengers. It features a comfortable sitting area, drinks (coffee, soda, water, etc) snacks, internet and television. A private conference room is available for any off site meetings or last minute conference calls.

onboardOn Board: Prior to departure, the crew assigned to your flight will provide a short briefing on the safety features and amenities of the aircraft, as well as flight and arrival times, expected flight conditions, and the weather at your destination. A pre-departure drink and snack service will also be offered. All of our aircraft include a galley stocked with a selection of nuts, chips, cookies, crackers and other snacks, as well as soft drinks, coffee, bottled water, beer, a variety of liquors, mixers, and juices, which are available to you any time the seatbelt sign is not illuminated. Our larger aircraft (which have larger galleys) also include a selection of wines and a larger variety of other snacks and beverages. All Mid South Jets' aircraft are equipped with telephones which may be used in flight. The Learjet 75 is also equipped with an in-flight Blu-Ray entertainment system. The Learjet 75 and Citation XLS+ also include high speed WiFi internet access (over the continental U.S.).

In addition to these standard amenities, we can accommodate nearly any request for specific snack items, meals, drink options, wine selections, or simply an increased stock of a standard item on board. We have built a relationship with a local aircraft catering company that, with reasonable advance notice, can accommodate nearly any request. Common requests include items such as breakfast breads, fruit trays, salads, cold or hot sandwiches, cookies, and brownie trays.

aspenAt Your Destination: Prior to arrival, your crew will place calls ahead to your destination and verify your transportation is available. Many times it is possible to have your rental car or car service available planeside. Upon arrival, your crew will escort you off the aircraft, unload the cargo compartment, and valet your luggage to your ground transportation. Your crew will verify your estimated time of departure and you will be provided with contact information for the crew should there be any change. In nearly all cases, your aircraft will stay at that airport until your departure. So, you are welcome to leave any personal items on board you may not be needing during your layover, and rest assured that they will remain secured. After your ground transportation has been satisfied, the crew will clean, restock, and secure the aircraft.

Layover and Departure: Throughout your stay, whether it be for just a few hours, or many days, you will always be able to contact your crew directly to address any questions or changes to your itinerary. At least 60-90 minutes in advance of your scheduled departure, your crew will be at the airport completing a through preflight of the aircraft, coordinating services provided by the airport, and making sure the catering and amenities on board are as you have requested.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can changes be made?

We understand that changes must be made with little notice and different circumstances may come up. We pride ourselves in being able to quickly respond and adapt to your needs. However, please be prompt in notifying your flight coordinator or crew of any changes as quickly as possible, as there may be additional processes or considerations. For example, adding a passenger to a charter flight requires checking that passenger against the TSA No Fly List, an adjustment to the crew's weight and balance calculations (and therefore, possibly different fuel loads), considerations for increased baggage volume and weight, catering adjustments, and additional paperwork and notifications to Customs for international flights.

Is the crew limited on their flight or duty time?

Yes. While we strive to be as flexible as possible and conform to your desired itinerary, we are still bound by the rules and regulations set forth by the FAA. By law, our crews are only allowed to be on duty and fly a specified number of hours per day. This is not something most customers need to be concerned with, as the vast majority of flights fall well within the legal limits. Your flight coordinator will provide this information to you in advance. However, if during your trip it appears that your itinerary is approaching a limit, or a change to your schedule causes a concern, we will address any time constraints immediately and work out a mutually agreeable solution.

What about the unexpected?

We make every effort to ensure that the aircraft is in perfect condition and ready to fly when you arrive. Our policy at Mid South Jets is that every flight returning to Memphis is met on the ramp by one of our highly qualified mechanics who can address any irregularities immediately. Furthermore, rest assured that your crew has arrived well in advance for your flight and has completed a through inspection of the aircraft, dedicated the appropriate amount of time to planning your flight, received a comprehensive weather briefing, and completed a full regimen of systems tests on the aircraft. By following these strict practices, it is very rare that a problem comes up in such short order that it affects a customer's flight. In the unlikely event that your flight is delayed due to adverse weather or a mechanical irregularity, our first priority is making sure our customers are comfortable and accurately informed to facilitate your decision making regarding any necessary adjustments. We will never compromise your safety. If necessary, another aircraft may be dispatched to continue your trip.