flightWhen you charter a flight with Mid South Jets, you can be assured that we operate at the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and efficiency. We focus on providing a fully customized solution to your travel needs and commit ourselves to providing our customers with an attention to detail unrivaled in the Mid-South. No request is too big or small. We are passionate about ensuring a flawless experience every time you fly, and dedicate any amount of time and resources necessary to deliver on that promise.

Chartering an aircraft at Mid South Jets is not just a flight, it's a comprehensive solution to all of your travel needs. Our professional staff can arrange many other services to enhance your travel experience, as well as offer a turn key solution to your entire travel itinerary. We can accommodate almost any request, but some of the most frequently requested services include services such as special aircraft catering (anything from snack trays to special wine selections and full meals), rental cars, limos or taxi services, hotel reservations, or even dinner reservations. Do you need a rental car with GPS, vegetarian food options, or maybe you prefer a specific brand of water or soda on board? We will ensure those small details are not overlooked. Your entire travel experience can be handled with one call, and with one bill.

For a list of standard amenities on our aircraft, visit Our Customer Experience page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mid South Jets broker flights?

No. There are many companies out there (even some in the Mid-South area) that advertise charters for aircraft they do not operate. Some of them may not operate any aircraft, essentially turning them into booking services, like travel agents. Their marketing and sales information can sound appealing, but the reality is that the customer is always left paying an inflated price. Some of the core principals of Mid South Jets include honesty, integrity, and transparency, and therefore we do not engage in this practice. We operate all the jets we advertise as being available for charter ourselves. We would be happy for you to view them in our hangars.

While brokering flights is not part of our normal business practice, if one of our customers needs an aircraft to meet a specific need that we cannot accommodate with our current fleet, we will be happy to make the contacts necessary to fulfill their needs with a different operator. However, in that situation, Mid South Jets' commitment to transparency will ensure that customer will know what company they are actually flying with, and a full breakdown of the pricing we were able to arrange.

Where can Mid South Jets fly to within the U.S.?

Unlike the airlines, we can easily access over 5000 airports across the country. The airlines only serve a few hundred, and focus on large markets. We can easily go to very small local airports or large international airports such as JFK or LAX. As long it's a public airport (or private with special permission) and it has a long enough paved runway for our jets (which have excellent short field capabilities) we can get you there.

What international destinations can Mid South Jets fly to?

Mid South Jets is approved by the FAA for operations in all countries in the Western Hemisphere, and with reasonable notice we can obtain permissions to operate flights to Europe. We routinely operate flights throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Additionally, Mid South Jets holds a Canadian Operating Certificate for charter services into and out of the Provinces of Canada. Government regulations, security risks, and airport facilities may be limiting factors for some international destinations.

What is Part 135?

Just because someone owns an aircraft does not authorize them to offer it out for charter. In order to operate a legal on-demand operation for compensation or hire, the FAA sets numerous operating standards for charter companies, the aircraft they operate, crew qualifications and training, maintenance, equipment and other strict safety standards, just to name a few. There are thousands of aviation regulations that must be strictly adhered to. For on-demand operations, these standards are laid out in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - also referred to as the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) - Part 135. To put it in very simplistic terms, when a company meets those standards set forth in Part 135, they are issued an Air Carrier Certificate for on-demand operations. Unfortunately, there are other operations out there that operate illegal charters without the proper authorizations and oversight from the FAA. Our valid Air Carrier Certificate is proudly displayed in our offices.

What about security?

While air charter customers are relieved of the tedious security lines at the airport, security remains a critical issue for all aircraft. Flights operated by Mid South Jets require the standard security checks required by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), such as checking names against the National No Fly List, and valid personal identification.

Should a customer of ours require personal security, Mid South Jets is able to arrange security services expressly designed to meet the needs of government officials, celebrities, and business executives. Mid South Jets' staff and crews are discreet, professional, and ensure that all aspects of a client’s protection and security are addressed. Additionally, your travel itinerary is kept confidential at all times.