flight2Mid South Jets' block time programs have proven to be highly effective tools for frequent travelers who can reasonably predict their travel needs on a yearly basis, and typically exceed 25-50 hours per year. With block time agreements, you gain the consistency, convenience, access, and time advantages that come with aircraft ownership, without the long-term financial commitment or liability of fractional ownership. These agreements are also a good choice if you take a lot of trips that span over multiple days, because you may save (or eliminate) crew charge costs, depending on the amount of time pre-purchased.

Companies or individuals may purchase aircraft time in 25, 50, or 100 hour blocks at a discounted rate, with no acquisition or membership fees. Unlike other "membership" type of programs in the industry, there is no maximum number of agreements that may be signed over a period of years, and there is no membership or initiation fee to pay in order to earn the right to purchase block time. The amount of savings increase with the amount of time purchased, and the daily crew charge is reduced or eliminated as the amount of time purchased increases. Actual amounts vary depending on the aircraft and the amount of time purchased, but the actual hourly rate for some aircraft can be reduced as much as about 12.5%. But, even more substantial discounts may apply with other provisions of the block time contract. For example: While a block time customer may save 12.5% on the hourly cost for the aircraft, depending on their itinerary and amount of block time purchased, they may also save up to an additional $3,500 in crew charges.

Frequently Asked Block Time Questions:

What happens if I need to cancel my agreement?

Mid South Jets proudly offers a guarantee that is unprecedented in the industry, and not found in any other block time, membership, or jet card programs. Most other block time programs involve a non-refundable pre-purchase agreement. To put it in the simplest of terms, other programs take a "use it or lose it" approach. We are committed to not only earning your business initially, but also to retaining your business for years to come. We understand that circumstances may change that are out of your control. If at any time you must cancel your block time agreement prior to full utilization of the pre-purchased amount, the account will be recalculated at the retail rate for aircraft and crew, and the balance will be refunded.

Is there a minimum number of hours, or maximum number of agreements over a certain period of time?

Our block time agreements start with a minimum 25 hour block. Contracts will normally extend for a period of one year, and renewal of block time contracts must occur prior to the elimination of all flight hours within the account. Any additional flight time beyond the pre-purchased amount will be billed at current retail rates. You may purchase multiple block agreements within the standard one year timeframe, provided that the new agreement is signed prior to full utilization of the previous agreement.

What other fees are applicable to my flight under a block time agreement?

It is impractical to offer a "one size fits all" solution to fees. For example: Some account holders may travel primarily to destinations with low (or no) additional fees, while others may frequently travel to airports with higher costs, international destinations, or request additional services. If we were to include these costs into the aircraft rate, we would be forced to unfairly raise rates for everyone, regardless of their actual needs, or how or where they travel. Therefore, block time deposits only apply to the costs we can control (aircraft rental and crew charges), and include a specified fuel allowance. All other expenses such as fuel costs above the specified allowance, surcharges, taxes, airport and FBO usage fees, international fees, catering, segment fees, limo services, etc. are not part of the deductible amount, and will be billed separately. However, we maintain multiple contracts and agreements with vendors for discounted fuel, FBO and airport services, catering, etc., the financial benefits of which are applicable to any customer of Mid South Jets. There is no "upcharge" on the part of Mid South Jets for additional services or fees encountered. All fees are passed through to the customer at actual cost.

What if the aircraft is not available?

Our block time agreements are structured around a specific aircraft in our fleet. However, if we are required to substitute a selected aircraft assigned to your flight with another aircraft in the fleet, the rate of the lower cost aircraft will be applied to your account.

How is scheduling handled and controlled?

A controlling party (or parties) will be determined by the contract holder for scheduling and coordination with Mid South Jets. No other person within your company may schedule an aircraft without written approval. Beyond this controlling party, your itinerary is kept confidential.