flight3A company’s investment in an aircraft brings with it many corporate demands and expectations regarding its impact on the advancement of the company, its sales, its visibility, and the mobility of its personnel.  An aircraft is a highly specialized piece of equipment added to the resources of a company, and requires a specialized approach to monitoring, maintaining, and operating.  It is a pressure vessel cruising nine miles high in the atmosphere at 80% the speed of sound.  It is a time machine of sort, to effectively reduce travel time, compress business efforts, and maximize personnel man-hours and work efficiency.
Mid South Jet’s Management Team, with their years of experience in aircraft operations, offers a unique set of skills and perspective to companies who desire full Flight Department Management.  With an emphasis on safety and professionalism, this Team can design a program of operations which ensures the optimum performance of personnel and equipment tailored to each company’s needs. Their accumulated backgrounds encompass both large and small corporate aircraft, in both domestic and international operations, producing an efficient, economical Flight Department thus avoiding many of the costly pitfalls of aircraft operations. 

flight4Just as the computer age has changed business it has also changed aviation, the conduct of flight operations, and the international airspace system.  It is no longer enough to be a good “pilot”.  Flight crews must understand the combined electronic systems of modern aircraft and engines, the digital world of satellite navigation and its integration with onboard avionics, the growing regulatory changes being affected by these advancements, and how to best manage and operate this equipment in a way that benefits the company.  Pilots once measured by their stick and rudder skills must now be equally skilled as aviation systems managers.

Mid South Jets has amassed the flight crew talent, the operational knowledge, the industry contacts, and the management skills necessary to provide the most complete, transparent management process available to the corporate managers overseeing a company’s aircraft assets.  Each company receives customized details of financial and operations information in a format prescribed by the company on a regular basis so that ongoing assessments and budgetary analysis can be measured.  Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports are generated for review at the highest levels with verification of all expenditures for complete transparency.

onboardMid South Jets has provided this experience for small multi-partnered corporate aircraft as well a billion dollar corporation’s fleet.  The system works to every client’s advantage as each corporate participant benefits from reduced crew training expense, lower fuel costs, improved insurance rates, acceptance into national fuel programs, reduced maintenance, parts, and labor costs, and use of other aircraft within the client pool during periods in which the aircraft is down or unavailable to name a few.  All participating programs have been created to lower Flight Department costs while improving the operational experience for the company.

If your company is looking for a one-stop opportunity to control and manage Flight Department costs and mitigate aircraft expense, Mid South Jets, Inc. would like to demonstrate the success of our program and discuss how it may benefit your company’s bottom line. 

Our Team is standing by to provide your company with the tools to manage a very valuable asset.